Customer satisfaction

MR MARVIS wants you to feel marvelous! We know we can only do that if we offer you best-in-class service that leaves you with a smile on your face. That’s why, every day, we work on ways to improve our customer experience. We’re constantly on the hunt for the best agents and processes to assist you on your journey to marvelous-ness! And it’s why we’re proud to critically measure our customer’s satisfaction.

Net Promoter Score

To measure satisfaction amongst our customers, we use the Net Promoter Score system - NPS. Put simply, that’s a number between -100 and 100. Like most scores, the higher the number, the better your performance. NPS is calculated using a simple post-purchase survey where our customers are asked to what extent they would recommend MR MARVIS to a friend on a scale of 0-10. The answers are then divided into three groups:

  • 0-6 detractors (negative about the brand)
  • 7-8 passives (neutral about the brand)
  • 9-10 promoters (positive about the brand)

But what does that actually mean for us? If a customer, for example, answers the NPS question with a 7, they count as "passive". It’s a half-way house - they’re neither positive nor negative, so these scores don’t affect the NPS. Detractor scores; however, represent customers who weren’t happy with our service. These scores pull the NPS down, which makes us sad. On the other hand - promoters, with a score of 9 or 10, count as true evangelists for the brand. These customers had a great experience and will likely tell their friends about it. These scores pull the NPS up, and that makes us happy!


In E-Commerce, the average NPS is 45. This makes us extra proud to announce that the NPS of MR MARVIS for 2021 is 66! In order to reach this score, we focused on two priorities:

  • We worked on advising our customers on their perfect size by introducing the fit finder and a new size guide;
  • We improved our return and exchange procedure;

But we’re committed to do even better. That’s why for 2022, we’re tasking ourselves with a higher NPS goal of 69. To reach this target, we’re focusing on a few key areas in our customer experience:

  • We’ll adjust our availability to better suit our customers' needs;
  • We’ll offer a repair service for customers that have a product that is in need of some extra attention;
  • We’ll proactively inform our customers whenever there is something going wrong during the delivery process;
  • We’ll decentralize our return process for our main markets to offer a quicker and more efficient return solution to our customers

At MR MARVIS, we are proud of our best-in-class service. We achieved this level by listening to and implementing the feedback we receive from our much-loved customers. But - there’s more work to be done! Please help us to improve by leaving your NPS score after you order online or when you visit one of our stores. Because marvelous is just around the corner. Thank you on behalf of the team!