The PERFECT shorts & chinos

Shorts are a synonym of summer, free time, fun, friends, ...fiesta! It’s a fact: men wear shorts on the most relaxed and happy moments of their lives. Honestly, if you have the choice, on these major moments, you would want to wear the best possible shorts mankind has ever created, right? Well, that’s how the founders of MR MARVIS thought about one of the most underestimated garments out there.

The first perfect shorts family launched in May 2016 boasting 12 colors. In 2020 the brand offers The Originals - the shorts that started it all - in over 40 stunning colors and prints. Currently, The Perfect Shorts family entails The Originals, The Swims, The Piqués, The Seersuckers, The Sports and JR MARVIS. In 2020, we launched our perfect chino: The Longs - more length, same feel. Now you can feel good & look marvelous all year round.


The founders – Aafke Tuin, David Sipkens & Steven Vrendenbarg – couldn’t find the shorts they were looking for, high quality, versatile, smart-casual shorts that could take them from relaxing on the beach to lunching on the boulevard to partying through the night. In 2015, they gave up on their quest and decided to take control. For more than a year, the trio focused on research and development of the fit, testing of fabrics, and the search for an artisan workshop with craftsmen and women who would be able to produce MR MARVIS' perfect shorts.

This led to the creation of MR MARVIS perfect shorts, smart-casual shorts with the ultimate fit available in many colors. The brand promises its customers to never change the winning fit of the shorts and to add new colors and prints to the perfect shorts collection throughout the years. Because MR MARVIS knows it's always summer somewhere…

From Amsterdam, the founders travelled the world to find the best artisans to produce MR MARVIS shorts. They found them in Portugal, near Porto, where the shorts are crafted by hand solely using the highest quality materials, all sourced in the vicinity of the production facilities. At MR MARVIS, quality comes first. From high-quality fabrics to the partially elastic waistband and the hidden pocket for your phone, MR MARVIS has thought about everything. “Our starting point was the customer. During the development phase, dozens of prototypes and samples have been made in order to create MR MARVIS' vision on the perfect shorts.”, said Aafke, Head of Design at MR MARVIS. MR MARVIS focuses on timeless style, high-quality production, and fair working conditions; the brand's way to react against the excess of fast fashion.

MR MARVIS HQ is located at Huddestraat 3, 1018 HB, Amsterdam.


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