The Originals vs. The Piqués - The differences explained
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The Originals vs. The Piqués - The differences explained

We often receive questions about the differences between our Original and Piqué shorts. While the fit is the same, there are certainly differences. Time for some shorts education...

The Fabric

The Originals are made of a stretch cotton blend (98% cotton and 2% elastane), with an unmatched super soft finish. Our fabric is Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that the fabric is produced in a sustainable way.

The Piqués are named after the fabric they're made of, an airy, woven fabric with a textured waffle look. It is similar to the fabric of a polo shirt, but with more structure, so it’s perfect for our shorts. The fabric is developed especially for us in Portugal and is made of 100% organic cotton.

The Fly

The Originals have a button fly while The Piqués have a zipper fly. What do you prefer?

The Details Make the Design

Do you like details? Great, so do we! You can find details like the super comfortable elastic waistband and our signature hidden pocket in both The Originals and The Piqués. Differences in details are the closure button, which is hidden for The Piqués, as well as the MR MARVIS logo at the bottom hem, which is embroidered on The Originals but silver-colored on The Piqués.

Try both types of perfect shorts and choose your favorite style!