The colorful and tasteful Italian Riviera
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The colorful and tasteful Italian Riviera

Get inspired by MR MARVIS' travels around the world

What are your plans for your Summer Break? Will it be a road trip, a city trip or an adventure overseas? MR MARVIS personally handpicked the best vacation destinations for you to get inspired. This time he would like you to meet The Italian Riviera.

The Italian Riviera: Che bello!

Located between the south of France and the Tuscan border, The Italian Riviera is known for its azure blue Mediterranean sea and pristine beaches. But also for numerous beautiful cities and colorful villages. MR MARVIS suggests to rent a vintage Vespa and discover the Italian Riviera travelling from Genoa to Viareggio. Live by the "travel light" credo and only take some T-shirts, a dress shirt, some smart sneakers, and a couple of shorts with you. The Limoncellos – MR MARVIS Light Yellow Shorts – and the vintage Vespa will ensure you will blend in easily with the locals.

MR MARVIS' local knowledge

In Portofino, park your Vespa and put on your dress shirt for a night out. Start at ristorante Da Ö Batti for a magnificent seafood meal, which will definitely include the best scampi in the world. Afterwards, stroll to Piazza Martiri Dell'Olivetta for a digestif.

Homestayers: bring the Italian Riviera into your backyard

Don’t want to go all the way to Italy to experience La Dolce Vita? Just put on The Limoncellos, play that old Paolo Conte CD and pour yourself and your friends the lovely Italian lemon liqueur. Because who doesn’t appreciate a good limoncello? Or two?