The very inspirational La Muralla Roja
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The very inspirational La Muralla Roja

Iconic in its style and colorful in its appearance, La Muralla Roja was the perfect location for MR MARVIS' recent photo shoot.

Red wall

La Muralla Roja - 'The Red Wall’ in English - is a very unique and inspiring building that emerges from the rocky cliffs alongside the Costa Blanca in southeast Spain. The residential building was constructed in the late 60s of the 20th century and is characterized by many bright colors and clear-cut, strong, and aesthetically pleasing lines.

Fortress against the Spanish sun

The architect of La Muralla Roja - Mr. Ricardo Bofill – found inspiration in Arab kasbahs. Kasbahs are traditional North African fortresses built by local leaders and wealthy families to protect them when under attack. Like traditional kasbahs, La Muralla Roja has high walls and small windows; ideal for the strong Spanish summer sun.

Enhanced and more social way of living

La Muralla Roja’s layout has a strong geometric basis, which could best be described as a labyrinth. The outer and inner facades are covered with bright colors ranging from pink to indigo blue. La Muralla Roja has a clear inward focus with many, perfectly shaped interlocking stairs and bridges on the inside, which provide access to the 50 apartments and brings you from street level to the roof terrace. The roof terrace offers spectacular views of different parts of La Muralla Roja and over the sea. It even boasts a communal pool. When in La Muralla Roja, it is sometimes hard to see the difference between private and public space. Mr. Ricardo desired to provide an enhanced and more social way of living. We think he succeeded.

Importance of colors

It’s a very inspirational place and it clearly shows the importance of color. MR MARVIS feels the power of colors. Do you?